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I was so sad to hear about the loss of comedian friend Scott Kennedy. He was one of the first comics I met when I moved to Los Angeles in 2004. Even though I was only 18 years old, and I’m sure I was immature and annoying, he never made me feel like I was at the little kids table during Thanksgiving like other bigger comedians did; He treated me like a peer.

Everybody loved Scott. There were the weird people who hung out at The Improv comedy club’s bar all the time who you tried not to make eye contact with and prayed wouldn’t come talk to you, and then there was the fun guy who you hoped would be there when you walked in and always had big hugs to give. Scott was obviously the fun big hugger guy. Soon after I met him, Scott saw me do a set on a little show in front of 12 people and offered me to perform on one of his upcoming Project Angelfood benefits. (The above photo is from that night in May, 2004, with comedians Flip Schultz and Dave Hanson. Scott’s the guy in the hat and jersey; His official uniform.He produced these shows for years raising funds for the amazing charity that provides daily meals for people homebound or disabled by HIV/AIDS. Because of his generosity to me, I got to do the biggest show of my life and be seen by people who impacted my career tremendously. Scott always paid it forward, which is not very common in this business. I know several comedians who say he’s the reason they got on Comedy Central for the first time.

Scott did over 50 tours for the troops in The Middle East and across the world. I know he would’ve done more if they’d let him. He loved everything about being a performer. Before I got my first ever road gig, which was thanks to him, Scott told me all about how I’d be hanging in Sammy Davis Jr’s old dressing room and shared funny stories about the comedian who always had to take a shower in Sammy’s old shower in the shared dressing room, even though he obviously had a shower in his hotel room. When I worked with him in Vegas, he showed me the secret performer ways of getting back to our hotel rooms and of course the best places to eat. I never ever heard him express anything but excitement about show business. 

Here’s a picture of us being stupid backstage at The Improv in Vegas in 2008. He’s the guy in the jersey. Don’t worry, his hat is right next to him. :)

We would do shows for teenagers every summer at The Hollywood Improv and Scott would always stick around to take pictures with the kids and make them feel special. He’s definitely met more members of my family than any other comic. My mom saw me perform for the first time at one of his shows. He went out of his way to say really nice things to her about me and let her know her son is doing something right with his life. He also made sure to say something to my mom that he knew would make me uncomfortable. But then he gave his trademark Scott Kennedy smile and I couldn’t be mad at him.  

I’ve worked with him so many times and it was always fun to see him get the crowd on his side, making them laugh about about his family, bb guns, being from Texas, then see how they reacted halfway through his performance when he casually mentions he’s gay. Even if they were homophobic, they already laughed. It was like he tricked them into realizing that we’re all people and to stop being idiots. He had a message just by being funny. I’m positive his comedy changed some people’s ignorant views for the better.

Scott Kennedy was a selfless, talented, and truly unique individual. I’m honored to have known him and to have set up his Myspace page.

If you weren’t lucky enough to have seen him live, check out his TV appearances via these links.




Buy his CD here. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/really!-!/id267458641

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